My name is Eline D. Tabak (call me El) and I’m an early stage researcher in the field of environmental humanities. As a doctoral researcher at the Universities of Bristol and Bath Spa (funded by the SWW DTP), I study all sorts of narratives on climate change, wildlife decline and extinction, and related environmental issues. My PhD research focuses on insect declines, storytelling and care, and the question of value and (in)attention when it comes to wildlife extinction. You can read about it on the CEH’s blog [link].

I hold an MA (by research) in Comparative Literary Studies from the Universities of Utrecht and Amsterdam, and a BA in English from the University of Groningen and University of York, UK. Before moving to Bristol, combining ecocriticism and empirical literary studies, my research focused on the effects of climate change fiction on readers. Information on related publications and conference presentations can be found here.

As for my professional experience, in the academic year 2020-2021 I am a TA for the units Critical Issues (English) and Sustainable Development (Geography). I also have worked as a tutor (ESL/NT2) in secondary and higher education, communications assistant, editor, translator, and in the publishing industry. Next to my research, I also tak on the odd job as a freelance copyeditor, translator, and copywriter. Interested in hiring me? Take a look here.