Peer-reviewed publications

‘Charismatische Insekten? Maja Lundes Bienes historie (2015) und die Narrative der Honigbiene auf der soziozoologischen Skala.’ With Katharina Alsen. Tierstudien: Tierliche Zukünfte (2022) [link]

‘Science in Fiction: A Brief Look at Communicating Climate Change through the Novel.’ RCC Perspectives: Communicating the Climate: From Knowing Change to Changing Knowledge. Eds. Katrin Kleemann & Jeroen Oomen. [link]

‘”In any library in the world, I am at home”: Over een thuisgevoel in de literatuur.’ Partage 4.1 (2016) [link]

Blog posts & others

‘In search of the ashy mining bee.’ Land Lines Project. [link]

‘Report: a brief reflection on insect entanglements.’ University of Bristol’s Centre for Environmental Humanities blog.  [link]

‘Place as experience.’ Environmental History Now’s Problems of Place series. [link]

‘Plasticising the Biogea; or, Earthly Life in the Anthropocene,’ EPIZOOTICS! Zine, 2.1 (2017)


Review of Annika Arnold’s Climate Change and Storytelling Narratives and Cultural Meaning in Environmental Communication (2018), Ecozon@ 12.1 (2021) [link]

Review of Adam Trexler’s Anthropocene Fictions: The Novel in a Time of Climate Change (2015) and Timothy Clark’s Ecocriticism on the Edge: The Anthropocene as Threshold Concept (2015), Frame 29.2 (2016)

Conference presentations

‘The art of careful attentiveness: storytelling in a time of mass species extinction.’ The Future of Care Symposium, Thackray Museum of Medicine, Leeds, 8 April 2022 [report]

‘Industrial(ised) pollinators: bees, labour, and post-work imaginaries.’ Multispecies Visionary Institute, 27 August 2021 [invited; online due to covid-19]

‘A (mono)cultural narrative of insect decline.’ Of Mind, Body & Landscape, 2021 New Humanities Literary Conference, University of Worcester, UK, May 2021 [keynote; online due to covid-19]

‘Beyond apis mellifera: on storytelling, insect decline, and the persistence of monocultures.’ North American Association for Critical Animal Studies 1st conference, University of British Columbia Okanagan, Canada, May 2021 [cancelled due to covid-19].

‘Facing Insect Decline.’ Extinction in Public conference, University of Leeds & Manchester Museum, UK, October 2020 [online due to covid-19].

‘Face-to-face with the animal other: encountering insect decline in the museum.’ Political Ecology Network biannual conference, University of Brighton, UK, September 2020 [online due to covid-19]. 

‘Apipoetics; or, a poetics of labour.’ The Insectile Workshop. Internationales Kolleg Morphomata, Uni Köln, Germany, January 2020.

‘“Today we had no words”: Honeybees, Insect Decline, and (In)visibility in Contemporary Literature.’ On Bees and Humans: A Love Affair between Nature and Culture. B CUBE/TU Dresden, Germany, October 2019.

‘Reading Climate Change: A Qualitative Study on the Effects of the Contemporary Climate Change Novel on Readers.’ Empirical Ecocriticism Workshop, Rachel Carson Center, Germany, 2018.

‘A (Mono)culture of Bees: Imagining the Honeybee & Insect Decline in the Novel,’ EASCLE conference, University of Würzburg, Germany,  2018.

‘“Find Me Before It’s Too Late”: On the Effect of Climate Change Fiction on Readers’ Connectedness to Nature,’ International Society for the Empirical Study of Literature conference, University of Stavanger, Norway, 2018.

‘Reading to Change the World?: A Look at the Effect of Climate Change Fictions.’ Mediating Climate Change Conference, University of Leeds, UK, 2017.

‘“Bent and Blind in the Wilderness”: The Ecopoetics of N. Scott Momaday’s House Made of Dawn and The Way to Rainy Mountain,’ EASLCE conference: “Wildness without Wilderness”, Free University of Brussels, Belgium, 2016.

‘“This is one story. There will be another”: The Anthropocene Narrative and the End of World in Jeanette Winterson’s The Stone Gods,’ When the Shit Hits the Fan: Imagining the End of Humans, MixTree, The Netherlands, 2016.

‘”In any library in the world, I am at home”: Over een thuisgevoel in de literatuur,’ Symposium Partage 2015: Thuis, University of Humanistic studies, the Netherlands, 2015.

‘”The Pauses Sound Like This”: Materiality of Time in Electronic Literature,’ Humanities Lectures Student Conference, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, 2015.



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