In Search of the Ashy Mining Bee – Eline Tabak

Originally posted on Land Lines Project:
The Land Lines Blog is delighted to share this new piece on lockdown, and a search for the ashy mining bee! This summer, after an uptick in the number of people caring for and visiting gardens and green spaces in ways they haven’t before, Eline Tabak writes about her…


CFP: Insect Entanglements Online Workshop

CFP Insect Entanglements Online Workshop deadline for submissions: April 30, 2020 Faculty of Arts, University of Bristol, 19 June 2020 Insects are everywhere, our (human) lives entangled with them, and yet we know surprisingly little about them. In the introduction to Insectopedia, Hugh Raffles writes the following: For as long as we’ve been here, they’ve […]

Snapshot: Bristol Museum & Art Gallery 20.09.2020

One of the first things I did after moving to Bristol was visiting the Extinction Voices exhibition at the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. The exhibition’s title was inspired by a citation from environmentalist Paul Hawken: ‘Nature is noisy. It walks, it crawls, it swims, it swoops, it buzzes. But extinction is silent. It has […]

Snapshot: noctilucent clouds 21.06.19

Night shining clouds above my hometown. According to a trustworthy source (Wiki), these clouds are the highest in our planet’s atmosphere, as far up as 76/85 km. They were wrinkly as well.

Snapshot: Naturhistorisches Museum Wien 17.06.19

The Natural History Museum in Vienna, Austria, had a special exhibition on glaciers named: DAHINSCHMELZEN. Gletscher als Zeugen des Klimawandels (or MELTDOWN), created by the climate change charity Project Pressure. My partner and I happened to be in Vienna when this exhibition just opened, and I just had to go. We both really enjoyed the […]

Blog: Place as experience

Last year, I was asked to write a short blog for the Problems of Place series at EnvHistNow, a website that highlights environmental history scholarship by women, trans, and non-binary academics. EnvHistNow is run by Elizabeth Hameeteman. Writing about personal experiences is scary (especially when they’re not positive), but I’m grateful for the opportunity this […]

Snapshot: Field Museum 13.06.18

The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. I adore the museum’s Plants of the World exhibition and will forever regret not having my camera with me. Enjoy this snapshot of Máximo instead. There was also an interesting quote from Loren Eissley’s The Immense Journey (1957): “Without the gift of flowers and the infinite diversity of their fruits, man […]

Snapshot: Nationalpark Berchtesgaden 24.11.17

This picture was taken during an excursion to the Nationalpark Berchtesgaden – only one of two national parks in the state of Bavaria, which makes up about 1/5th of Germany. We had a tour from one of the park rangers and visited the information centre “Haus der Berge”, where we also had a lecture by […]

Review: Timothy Clark’s Ecocriticism on the Edge (2015) and Adam Trexler’s Anthropocene Fictions (2015)

See my review of Timothy Clark’s Ecocriticism on the Edge: The Anthropocene as a Threshold Concept (2015) and Adam Trexler’s Anthropocene Fictions: The Novel in a Time of Climate Change (Bloomsbury 2015). Published in Frame: Journal of Literary Studies 29.2, special issue on Perspectives on the Anthropocene (link). This issue also has essays by Lawrence Buell […]

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